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malti-shake, August 3rd, 2008, 1:09 pm

I LOVE YOU ALL ;u; <33
oh and here's a fun fact, I own the dress that Fleur is wearing 8D
(Ill see if I can find a picture online)

[edit]: -CRIES- so I'm looking in the dress for the tag so I can google it right? so I lift up the skirt to see if its under there AND THERES THIS BUGdfjgh aggghhhhhhh TT_TT so I killed it.
but then.
I went to google the dress.
and they took the picture off the site -SCREAMM-
the things I do for you guys ;-;


SarcasmTurtle: Bahahaa I've watched them all too! Dane Cook ftw 8D

MadxxasxaHATTER: dfjgh xD thats one of my favorites, AND I WILL n3n

meperson: Thank you c:

CRYSTAL--: fjkg really? ;u; thank you <3

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User Comments:

CRYSTAL--, August 3rd, 2008, 4:24 pm

Soo cute! ;A;; I like how you color.

amaya-12, August 3rd, 2008, 5:17 pm

Aww.Fleur is so cute.

Nya-ko, August 3rd, 2008, 5:36 pm

They're both so cute! XD
Very cute dress. <3
Bah. Bugs are not meant to live in clothes. > >;;

mappy_girl, August 3rd, 2008, 6:59 pm

*squee* They're so cute!!! ^-^!!!

That really sucks about the bug and the dress.... >.>;

Jhac, August 3rd, 2008, 7:11 pm

Awww! This is adorable. ;3; -cuddles-

TacoTotes, August 3rd, 2008, 11:03 pm

Yay this is wonderful :D:D

Momo-chan, August 4th, 2008, 9:12 am

Aaaw. ;__;
your welcome ..!! :33

Jude K.A. Boi, August 4th, 2008, 6:24 pm

congrats on the 40 fans!

Charmzizle, August 7th, 2008, 6:35 pm

My name is on here!
How dids that happen? O___o

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